Author: Richy


Imagine a flat desert in your mind. There is nothing to see. No features, or anything you can recognize or mark. Just sand. But you’ve decided to build something here. So, you start making a pile of sand for your wall or digging a hole for your garden or, whatever. The desert is hot though. […]

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Take’s English channel opens

Taketora has started making some review videos! This one is about chocolate eggs – you can get some here: Rakuten link | Amazon link Hope you enjoy it!      

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Beginner Tips for learning language (1)

Many beginners ask me for tips on learning language so I am going to release this as a series of short pieces of advice. TIP ONE – Frequency over Quantity Learning language is like learning an instrument. If you don’t practice regularly, it will take longer to improve. Basically, it’s better to have shorter periods […]

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