Lesson Pricing

*Please note that due to popular demand, weekend lessons now start at minimum 2500円 (Business classes the same)

Class type Group fee (2 – 4 students) One to one fee *
Adult Daily conversation (1 hour) 2000円 3000円
Adult Business (1 hour) 2500円 4000円
Child (Elementary school) 45 minutes 1500円 2500円
Child (Junior high school) 50 minutes 1500円 2500円
Child (High school) 1 hour 1500円 2500円
University student 1 hour 1500円 2500円

Cancellation policy

Cancellation or changes to classes are subject to the following cancellation fees:

Within 4 days – no charge

Within 3 days – 50% charge

Same day – 100% charge

Thank you for your understanding.