Skype lessons

Studying using Skype Lessons

I have worked with some of the best companies providing online English lessons and helping hundreds of students improve.

Please read on to find out more about my online Skype lessons

How do we start an online lesson?

The same as a normal lesson! First we greet each other, have a warm up chat… then start work!

It is really exactly the same as a normal lesson except all of your notes are typed online straight away

What do I need to take part in an online lesson?

You will need a computer, the Internet, a microphone. You can also use a web camera if you would like.

How do you give instructions / present notes?

I do everything online.

We can share notes, work on documents together – use audio exercises, essentially everything from a normal lesson

What are the advantages of taking lessons online?

The main one is convenience!

Many Japanese people I know are very limited on time. They often have many jobs to do (housework / return late from work)

By studying online, you can do so from home or from work – anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection

Do you have a recommended schedule?

Many of my students come on a 4:1 basis

For example, if a student takes 4 classes a month – 3 are online (during the week) and 1 is on a Saturday, physically

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